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Drones in today's real estate market

In such a competitive market, it is very important for real estate agents to use all the tools available at their disposal to be able to close on more deals. Drones have been one of the tools used to help real estate agents capture aspects on the property in a new way.

What are Drones? You have probably heard of drones in connection to the military using that technology for a range of programs. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones are now making a mark in the private sector allowing various businesses to use smaller, lighter-weight drones for their marketing techniques. Drone manufactures have recently added better technology for aerial photography and videography which can assist realtors in being able to provide a closer look for people looking for different property. The beauty of using drones is that you can glide around and capture images from different angles to give a better idea of what a buyer would be expecting once they decide to go in person to look at the place. In the age of technology that allows for more immersive experiences, buyers want to be able to have a clear idea of what the property has to offer before scheduling an appointment. With the internet, real estate agents need to have a good understanding of the right ways to market their properties given the fact that they can now utilize various tools like aerial photography and aerial videography to present a better image, so people become more interested in visiting the property. Many firms that specialize in the sale of luxury properties have been using the technology of drones to capture videos and images to gain more interest in the properties.

The Benefits You may still be on the fence about reaching out to a real estate drone services company to get pictures and videos taken of your properties to market them in a more engaging way. But you must also consider all the benefits you will get from utilizing drones for better marketing. The beauty of using drones is being able to capture images of the property from a 360-degree view, allowing them to have a better understanding of what the property has to offer. People who are interested in buying a property that has a larger amount of land can see the boundary lines of the property before even visiting the estate. Buyers who are interested in the topography will also be able to have access to those images. Drones also allow real estate agents to market a wider range of aspects of the property including rooftops, balconies, and skylights which would be nearly impossible to capture clearly with the average camera. If you are dealing with a property that is a fixer-upper and has some damage, you can use the images and videos that were captured with the drone to show the parts of the property that will need work. This will allow you to be more transparent and ethical in your marketing style.

How Drones Can Help You Close Buyers like having a clearer picture of a property to help spark their initial interest. Traditional pictures and videos do not work as well as what you get from using a drone. They do not always give the buyer a good understanding of the layout of the property and fail to provide an engaging experience. This means that the property you are marketing could have many perks that get pushed under the rug because the camera you are using does not give a deeper, more immersive understanding of the property. Investing in real estate drone services will allow you to market your properties better and schedule more tours so you will be able to close faster. We know with aerial photography and videography that will be the case because buyers prefer to have access to images of a property that give a more detailed depiction so they can decide if they want to visit the space in person.

In Conclusion It is important that when you are considering using aerial photography and videography for advertising your properties that you work with a professional. For one, you are more likely to receive pictures and videos that help you generate more sales because they are of a higher quality than if you did it yourself which is illegal if you are not licensed by the FAA. Beware of fines and penalties!! There are regulations that require someone with an extensive background and licensed by the FAA under CFR 14 part 107 which is a commercial license to operate the UAV. They will have all the proper airspace authorizations. Substantial liability insurance is also a must. A qualified, licensed real estate drone services agency will provide you with stunning aerial pictures and videos that will assist boosting your sales and closing the deal!

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