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The benefits of aerial photography for the construction industry

Aerial drone photography and videography are increasingly replacing other types of aerial photography while providing significant benefits to the construction industry. From planning to completion, improving safety to monitoring operations of the construction site, streamlining the construction process, and the power to visually document the entire construction process. The following are among the top benefits of applying aerial drone photography and videography in the construction industry.

1. Plan construction Before the field is broken and after being cleared, you can enjoy a comprehensive aerial view of the proposed construction location and use it for production and logistics planning. Others include laser scanning, thermal imaging, and land surveys. Besides, drone photos can be utilized to develop 3D models for BIM application, among other uses. A succession of aerial photos can be converted into time-lapse video for you and your team to upload on your website or study. Sites in the city centers or remote areas can hugely benefit from aerial drone photography.

2. Document progress Aerial drone photography can offer a great perspective of a project. The images have incredible depth and provide excellent quality at an affordable price. Also, the turn-around time is shorter as a result of the introduction of digital photography. With the rapid access and high resolution photos, you can receive real-time progress information regarding your construction's progress. Additionally, the images can seamlessly be shared with remote site owners, off site project management, sub-contractors, banks, stakeholders, and other team members.

3. Spotting potential issues On a construction site, some places frequently pose a great challenge when it comes to physical inspection. There are times when accidents occur in areas where it almost impossible to see from the ground. Drone photography and videography in construction sites can offer a less dangerous method to visualize prospective risks and bring better perceptions of construction site accidents. Besides, drones' comprehensive images can spot potential issues in areas where prior planning can prevent safety and logistics issues. Together with photography and videography, drones can effortlessly carry lightweight equipment, including water, food, and medical aid, to workers trapped in a difficult-to-access area, sustaining them long enough until rescue arrives.

4. Capturing marketing images It is unarguable that superior quality high resolution images can be a significant influence on marketing. Your marketing strategies can drastically improve when you add aerial photos to your social media platforms, websites, and brochures. You can easily show your completed projects or a GIF of the process of construction. Furthermore, you can even use still photos and videos to show curious stakeholders and clients how particular construction processes work. Owners enjoy seeing and sharing the photos of their construction projects as work progress moves along and particularly after completion. You may even consider adding these photos and video’s to your final closeout paperwork and extend your reach to more potential clients. Since human beings are virtual creatures, you have probably experienced a significant difference between visually presented information and reading the same description. Information is better grasped in the form of a chart, photo or video and construction projects are easier to plan and finish with the application of visual images. Many companies are offering aerial drone services to construction firms. Do your homework! Ensure that the company your are interviewing has pilots that are licensed by the FAA under CFR 14 part 107 and they carry sufficient liability insurance before letting anyone fly a drone on your construction site. Hiring a qualified drone service provider will add great safety benefits, project documentation, stakeholder communication and help you as a construction manager, project manager or stakeholder.

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