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RAPTOR AERIAL PRODUCTIONS, LLC business model from the start has been construction progression photography and videography. Progress photos can simplify tracking, provide documentation and report time critical information to all your site team members, stakeholders, project managers, general contractors and design engineers who track progress and quality.

We can also assist with aerial documentation of site safety, site inspections and delivered materials on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Having an aggressive site safety plan and the aerial photographs and videos to back up the safety program you have will be of great value for your future training and documentation in case there is ever an incident or accident on your job site. Remember if it is not documented it did not happen!

The use of unmanned vehicles on the jobsite is crucial for developing real time data! We all have our OSHA 30 certifications and have been in the construction industry for many years. We will arrive at your site with proper PPE. Safety in the construction industry is the # 1 priority for any company and we take that mindset into all our flight operations around your site, staff, craft personnel, vehicles and equipment!


Real Estate

 In today's highly competitive and ever changing residential and commercial real estate markets, RAPTOR AERIAL PRODUCTIONS, LLC can help sell your listings faster with beautiful 4k resolution videography and photography.


Showcase the features of the property by capturing the surrounding landscape, specific property locations and features of the property with stunning aerial technology!

Aerial photography and videography gives the real estate agent the ability to present your clients with content that stands out from the competition. Our pilots are all FAA certified and licensed under the current standard of CFR 14 part 107.  We adhere to the strictest safety standards and obtain all the required waivers, authorizations and approvals prior to operating in controlled airspace while always carrying full liability insurance coverage during the photo or video shoot.

We will start the process working with the real estate agent on features and attributes which will help showcase the property and surrounding areas

Aerial View of an Estate Home



RAPTOR AERIAL PRODUCTIONS LLC, can fly near buildings and structures to get a great view of difficult locations where other means of access may not be cost effective, practical or SAFE for your work force.

Infrared photography which we will be utilizing shortly can visually help you see the condition of your roof and areas of damage, worn areas and heat loss or cooling leaks. 

RAPTOR AERIAL PRODUCTIONS, LLC aerial inspection services can be utilized by homeowners, retailers,  property managers, contractors and building owners 

 Aerial inspections at regular intervals will help spot damage early and help keep your workforce safe!!

Please give us a call to discuss any and all of your inspection needs!

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